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Uber/Lyft Accidents

Rideshare services, such as Uber or Lyft, use online platforms to connect passengers with private drivers, typically through a mobile app. Initially, many of these services were banned as unlicensed taxi companies.

Unlike taxis, which are heavily regulated at the city and county levels, Uber, Lyft and other rideshare services fall under the newly created category of “transportation network companies.” They therefore evade much of the strict scrutiny that cab companies receive.

There are many unfortunate reasons why you may be injured in an Uber or Lyft accident including drunk and distracted driving, text messaging, road debris, inexperienced drivers, poor weather conditions, and defective road design to name a few. The consequences can range from soft tissue injuries to catastrophic injuries and fatalities. Whether your condition is temporary or permanent, you can suffer significant consequences, such as inability to work, physical and emotional pain, and economic losses.

Whether you were the driver of the Uber/Lyft, the passenger in an Uber/Lyft or you were in the other car that was hit by an Uber/Lyft, there are very specific laws that protect you. We understand these laws better than anyone else and have had a tremendous amount of success for our clients who were involved in any type of Uber/Lyft accident.

There are specific insurance coverages and policies that may be applicable to your regardless of whether you were a driver or passenger in the accident. It is important that your legal team understands the complexities of these laws and knows how to use them to your benefit.

Our team staff has handled countless Uber/Lyft cases successfully. Even if you are deemed at fault for the accident, we can help you. We love challenging cases and take pride in what we do. We understand the laws that protect you and use those laws to ensure our clients win their case. It is important that hire the RIGHT law firm with the skills, knowledge and brain power to be able to assist you no matter how difficult or easy your case may be.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Uber/Lyft accident, our legal team can allow you to focus on your health and take the burden off your shoulders by providing you with the legal support and expertise you need.  Contact us at 888-804-7858 for a FREE consultation. You are not obligated to hire us and we will provide you with an honest evaluation of your legal matter.

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